Value Prop: 168.061 Omega Seamaster Chronometer

1960s Seamasters and Constellations are, undoubtedly, one of the most tasteful and tempting buys in all of horology right now. This restrained Seamaster was in fact Omega’s halo product in the era of Sinatra, James Dean, and Mad Men. Chronometer certification was not economical or easy in this era, or indeed today. Yet, somehow, these still trade hands well below most modern Seamasters. The market doesn’t yet recognize these, but that’s a good thing for us.


The mid century brought Omega’s Seamaster to the forefront of the zeitgeist. Omega constantly iterated on the theme since the range introduction in 1948. This was the watch intended to be dress-casual when suits were dominant. Way ahead of its time at introduction, but also in evolution. Chronometer certification was more usually seen in Constellations in this time, but was increasingly observed in Seamasters as clients began to prefer the adaptability of ‘waterproof’ cases. Case shapes, dial design, and even movements varied hugely through this era. This example is from the tail end of this time. It sports a 35mm case, beads of rice bracelet, and quickset calibre 1011. By the early 70s, when this latter example was sold, Omega had a masterpiece on their hands.

This example sports a full case with very little wear. It is extremely well preserved. The dial is likewise clear of any spotting or degradation. It comes on an original omega beads of rice as a naked watch, said to be running well. It comes from a private collector in the US.

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