‘Tasti Tondi’ Patek Philippe 1463 in Rose Gold

Every genre has its greats. Rock has The Beatles. Rap has Biggie. Chinese cuisine has dim sum. The automobile has the 911. Annoying pricks have Piers Morgan. Regardless of discipline, there’s always an entrant or two which transcends the category and moves toward the sphere of greater culture. That’s what the 1463 ‘Tasti Tondi’ is for Patek Philippe chronographs. John Lennon with an escapement. Let’s gloss over the fact that Lennon actually wore a 2499, the analogy was too good.


This 1463, though, needs context. There are thought to be 750 Tasti Tondis, across all metals. Of those, 145 were manufactured in pink gold. Just 55 are known today. That means it’s straight unobtainium, not just for the usual mega-wealthy crowd but most everyone. The thing is, everyone knows this is John Lennon. You’re not going to find one in the side streets of Bogotá. There are no unassuming mom and pop shops with one in the back room. You’re going to bid against a well-heeled Swiss oil baron and be laughed at by Aurel Bacs when you lose. He is often said to be particularly amused if it’s pink gold which lures you to bid against his oil buddy.


But for all the many watches which are simply unattainable, I’m nonetheless glad they exist. In the same way that I won’t be courting Vanessa Kirby any time soon, but the world would be a worse place without her. It’s Patek’s first screw-back chronograph; genesis. A Francois Borgel case at a modernish 35.5mm. Fluted pushers. Enough variation between examples to make a prog rock look uninspired. Mostly though, I love the fact that Carroll Shelby owned one. Because if racing aggressively tuned 427 Cobras or GT40s at Le Mans while popping nitroglycerin pills wasn’t enough to get your heart racing, a glance down at Carroll’s wrist certainly would. But make no mistake, it’s John Lennon, damnit.


This example has a mega dial. There’s very little to indicate refinishing but the enamel is clean. All print is clear. The chronograph hands are of the desirable blued steel variety. Its case has definitely seen a polish or two. That’s fairly standard for these, though worth noting. Hallmarks are still visible, but only just. It comes with an extract and recent service from a well-regarded Singaporean retailer.

Find this Rose Gold Tasti Tondi here from 2Tone Vintage listed as POA.