Sinn EZM2 Hydro

In the late 90s, Sinn released a series of watches known as the EZM (Einsatz Zeit Messer, or mission timer in English) line, a line which would go on to prove their legendary durability and purposeful design ethos. The pieces were intended to be abused like tools, issued, and used in all kinds of specialized combat/adverse conditions. The range contained models issued to special combatants, border guards, special police forces, and fire fighters. This EZM2 was designed to the brief of a border guard diver unit.

The watch is LHD for comfort, antimagnetic, shock resistant, and oil-filled. Oil-filled you may ask? Correct, the case is filled with silicone oil to provide visibility through extreme angles and doubles as a way to bolster water resistance. Sinn calculated that this watch could theoretically withstand a ridiculous 5000m, but instead decided to be understated and wrote ‘waterproof’ on its rear. The case is a media blasted 41mm stainless steel chunk with uni-directional 60 click bezel. This is a mark 2 dial and mark 1 bezel for the nerds out there. It is powered by an ETA quartz calibre. If you’re going to dabble in the darks arts that are quartz calibres, you could do far worse.


This example appears strong. The case is unpolished with even wear and a few scratches topside and back. Its bezel retains the numeral paint. Its dial is perfect as far as I can tell. It is sold on a vintage NOS Vietnam single pass NATO, which fits to the core. The watch comes from a private collector.

Find this EZM2 available here from @wabiwrist by DM on Instagram for 1300 EUR.