Sinn 103 B ST TY Steel Bezel

I generally like to believe that present is better than the past was and that we can make the future better than today. Despite this, I fall for vintage watches over their modern counterparts frequently. Included in that, for the most part, are Sinn. I find something about 1990s Sinn desperately attractive. The tool aesthetic, simple/robust movement selection, and unfussy design were all at their height then. There wasn’t a stream of limited releases or fauxtina on tool divers. So, whilst I remain an eternal optimist in most areas, I make an exception for this German chronograph as most 90s Sinn.

The 103 is a modern chronograph staple. It began with the 130 Compax, an XX-ish flieger. The first generation was built with a Jaeger or Breguet case and Valjoux 72. Second generations used Mathey-Tissot in addition to the others with a Valjoux 726. Only with the introduction of the Valjoux 7750 did Sinn produce the 103A and 103B. These two pieces were where Sinn really began to develop their own designs, outside XX-styled chronographs. This early 103 B utilized tritium with a steep bezel for a very classic look. The very cool inner scale includes both a tachy and pulsations for an extra bonus.


This 103 comes from a thoughtful seller out of Japan. Its hands are original with small repairs done by Sinn. At that service, the acrylic crystal and crown were replaced with NOS components. Everything else is original. The steel case is stout and appears largely unmarked. It is said to also be tested for water resistance. It comes with no box or papers for a reasonable ask.

Find this 103 B here from Arbitro for ~3500 USD.