Scubapro 450 Seiko 6306-7001

We all love a double-signed dial. But one need not seek out Hausmann, Serpico, or Beyer; double-signed divers exist in tool watches too. In that vein, most collectors will immediately think of Comex 5514s or Aqua-Lung Doxa. However, all of the above have the uncanny ability to cost whatever the top of your budget is +%10. One need not apply for a loan to obtain this historically significant, purposeful, double-signed bit of ocean-dwelling Japanese metal.

The Scubapro 450 was a variant of the 6306, introduced in 1976 as Seiko’s first turtle. It wound the crown down to 4 o’clock and recessed it in a move that would become synonymous with the brand’s hardcore dive offerings. This Scubapro 450 was part of marketing agreement between Seiko and the diving firm. However, the changes are a bit surface level. The dial is the only difference. Interestingly, it did get its unique dial code: 700L T to 700J T. The double-signed variant was produced mostly between 1978 and 1979. The appeal is purely visual but let’s be honest, it is for most watches.


This example has a kanji day wheel and the extra four jewels with hacking mechanism that marks it out as a 6306. The dial appears correct as far as my somewhat Seiko-amateur eye can detect. The case is polished with a bucket of surface wear, this was a tool after all. It comes from a private German seller.

Find this Scubapro 6306-7001 here on Chrono24 from a private collector for 3815 USD.