Rolex 6234 Antimagnetic Pre-Daytona Chronograph

This is not the type of watch you come across every day. It’s not even the type of watch you come across every year. The 6234 is a marker of a very crucial period in Rolex history, really the genesis of what became the Daytona. This simple chronograph didn’t gain much traction until the 6238 was introduced. It was after this point that it acquired more clearly legible hands and markers, with a larger tachy scale (while maintaining the Valjoux 72). The clean bezel is this reference’s hallmark, as the latter 6239 bezel took on the tachymeter scale responsibility. While this 6234 was not popular with the general public, the niche 6238 gained popularity at one famous circuit. The rest history. This was the reference that started the breed.

If I may be so bold, I think this may be one of the most attractive chronograph faces of ‘modern’ Rolex. With the clean bezel left to reflect light, the dial retains all functionality. The Rolex & chronograph 2-line signature is so drastically understated and elegant when compared to some of the near ten-liners of today. The hands are massively legible and clean. Over time, the dial has faded to a yellow that offsets the blued tachy scale. At 36.5mm, the Oyster case wears very subtly on wrist. At an estimated 2000 examples, the six year production run is certainly small enough to appeal to those who prize that sort of thing.

The 6234 on offer here today is a strong one. The dial is aged, but not damaged. The applied indices and coronet look beautiful just slightly raised. Alpha hands are matched to the small lume plots on dial. The Oyster case shows light polishing, nothing terrible. The bracelet has a rarer ‘big logo’ clasp. Its Valjoux 72 is looking ace. Overall, it’s a beautiful thing. The chronograph comes from a trusted retailer, Horare out of Paris.

Find this 6234 here from Horare for 32000 EUR.