Pre-Daytona Rolex 6238 in Yellow Gold

Describing a gold wristwatch as elegance personified would be an incredible pretentious thing to do. And yet, here typing this, I am tempted to. These 6238s, like many early Rolex chronographs, don’t shout with bright colors or oversized lugs. They simply are icons.

I’ve written before about the legacy of the Daytona and how the failed Cosmograph became a motorsport trophy, then an icon. I’ve also written before about why I feel vintage precious metal alternatives are poised to become more collectible. Craft & Tailored took it upon themselves to present two of my favorite vintage attributes in one offering, this 6238. They even made a little short film to accompany its sale. Safe to say this is a model that set a design DNA for the Daytona which is still present today.

The watch itself is in outstanding condition. I don’t use that adjective lightly. The radially-silvered dial is unblemished with gorgeously yellowed lume. Whoever owned this from the 60s until now took care not to knock it. When you consider just how soft 18K cases are, this one is particularly impressive. I also find 18K yellow gold from the 60s and 70s to have its own luster. There’s a brightness about them. Whether from the manufacturing process or the metallurgy, I do not know. I just know I am deeply attracted to them. This is a rare bird indeed and though it’s an ungodly sum, it is actually reasonably priced in its market, considering the lack of B&P.

Find this 6238 here from Craft & Tailored for 138000 USD.