Omega 33.3 Chronograph

Let’s not mince words, this 33.3 is achingly beautiful. And significant, as this calibre is the grandfather to all our beloved 321 chronographs. How often do you see an Omega chronograph with an onion crown, Breguet hands, Breguet numerals, and enamel dial? Yeah, it’s basically just this. It makes me rather concerned though. See, Ryan Reynolds is a very handsome man, but he’s no James Dean. Look at the 737, that replaced Concorde. Alfa used to make the Type 33 TT, they now make SUVs. Even Rolex’s cases seem to be getting a little larger and bloated in senility.Is everything getting slowly uglier over time?


This dial makes a strong argument. But science tells us no. They point to the Neanderthal, and then our universal preference for facial symmetry and fine sense of proportion. Evolution simply chooses the good looking, that is a harsh truth of life. So why do our objects not seem to follow suit? This is not to say there are not beautiful modern watches, there damn sure are. Perhaps, then, I’m just a romantic yearning for days gone past. That’s not above the best of us. Whatever the case, this design of enamel and steel just feels so right now, nearly a century on.


At an oversized 37.5mm, it’s actually a touch modern anyway. And its not even a monopusher, that crown button handles the stop-reset and the upper is your start. The calibre 33.3 was derived from a Lemania movement in (you guessed it) 1933 and then implemented in a few Omegas and Tissots. Today, they are all highly collected. There are many variants, few as lovely. Omega produce vintage-inspired chronographs today like Chiclets, constant and uniform. So why are none of them that sweet? Many of us adored the long-reaching Museum Collection a few years back.Perhaps it’s worth diving even deeper in the archives. Could you say no? Or just sell the house and grab this one. I’m deeply considering just how much I need my left kidney.


The condition on this dial is truly outrageous. Not a hairline to be found, full unadulterated enamel. Inlayed print is crisp. The hands have no corrosion, nor does the movement. It’s all lovely, and testament that watches are truly meant to be eternal running well a century on today.

Find this 33.3 here from Tempus listed as POA.


  1. Faysal on 4 July, 2023 at 1:31 PM

    I got in touch with the seller with intent to buy it.
    He said that the dial had a failure (assume crack) and it was restored.

    Do you believe it’s worth buying still?

    Appreciate your opinion.

    • Erik Gustafson on 5 July, 2023 at 3:39 PM

      Up to you if it’s something you want to wear or resell, does effect value but still a beautiful watch. Shame though!