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The Actual Casino Royale Seamaster 300: 2220.80


I have nothing against the recent No Time to Die Seamaster releases. But, equally, I don’t admire them. Particularly the flagship titanium job. I can’t help feeling that the fauxtina, shark mesh, and fake broad arrow feel more like a marketing exercise than anything Bond of old would sport. I’m not under any false pretense, however; I know any Omega in film is a marketing exercise by definition. But something about the earlier appearances feel more authentic and more beautiful.


There is a common misconception that the Seamasters with ‘007’ on the seconds hand or bullet-spiral dials were the actual movie watches. Bond movies of old would choose pieces from the current Omega range and a limited edition with some disgustingly-obvious 007 branding would be released in the months following. Casino Royale followed this formula. This 2220.80 Seamaster is just that: a period automatic Seamaster with no branding. Just a classic, subtle, handsome wavy-dial Seamaster. This 41mm diver was the model on Craig’s wrist in the famous train scene with my future wife, Eva Green.


Although I try not to comment on future values, I feel I have to make a quick aside. I’ve watched these double and double again in the last five years. Although it is certainly a mass produced model, good examples of the 2220.80 are growing increasingly difficult to source. This example is in excellent condition. No big knocks, slightly faded aluminum bezel, strong bracelet, and all correct. It’s worth noting there are no box and papers, but I wouldn’t let that stop you. It’s still a steal in 2021 by comparison to something like a 6538.

Find this Seamaster 300 here on eBay for 3590 USD.

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