Schumacher Legends: the Most Rolex Speedmaster Ever Made

This is a watch I adore but struggle to articulate precisely why. There is the obvious visual appeal—it’s a lovely chronograph. But it goes deeper than that. I generally don’t gravitate toward homage or heavily inspired inspired designs. I prize creativity in mechanics and design, it’s something horology offers like no other discipline. Yet, I find this Speedmaster completely bewitching for what I imagine are personal attachments. Let me explain.

The sport this watch nods toward, Formula 1, a world of homages. If Mercedes debuts a front winglet that offers 1.83% greater downforce with less drag and wins a grand prix with it, by the next race half the field will be sporting an interpretation of it. In that respect, this watch feels true to form. No one will debate that the Paul Newman is a successful design today. At the time this Speedmaster was released, the watch was already desirable and just coming into its own. Omega applied a variation of that racing chronograph to this racing chronograph. That’s sort of what F1 is all about. Maybe that’s why I give it a pass. But there’s still more to it yet.


To understand the Schumacher Legends, I believe you have to understand the man. Michael Schumacher deserves the title of legend if anyone does. The man was consistently a cut above his peers. Perhaps to a fault. It’s always tricky to touch on contentious parts of character when a hero is fallen. Allow me to say this: Michael was a ruthless competitor at all costs. Perhaps even when he didn’t need to be. There were some championship-deciding collisions and team orders which he needn’t have leaned upon. The man won through sheer talent, but equally always utilized all tools available to him. He was a master of mind games. Michael Schumacher won in his chosen discipline, whatever the cost. He understood that to be the most successful driver the world had ever seen, the end would justify the means.

In addition to his Germanic humour, charming half-smile, and outright skill, there is one thing I miss most about Michael Schumacher. He reminded me that any goal is attainable with enough determination and focus. And while I don’t mean to sound like a self-help author, I think this Speedmaster reminds me of that subconsciously when I glance it.


The Schumacher legends isn’t hugely rare at 6000 examples, though it is limited. In every respect except its design, it is a period Speedmaster. We have sapphire crystal, moonwatch case, and an automatic cal 3133. The steel bezel is an aesthetic I’ve always liked on a Speedmaster, though some find it morally wrong. This example is strong. I see minimal markings on the case, no polishing, and no imperfections in the crystal. It comes from a host of the excellent Time of the Week show, Samantha (@time.on.her.hands). Moreover, with a full set, box and papers, slightly below average market price. If you’re interested in a uniquely attractive Speedmaster that doesn’t require financing, you could do far worse. Just don’t be surprised if someone shouts ‘hey, nice Daytona!’ from across the room.

Find this Schumacher Speedmaster here from @time.on.her.hands on Instagram by DM for 4850 GBP.