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Breguet 3230 in Rose Gold


This is perhaps reductive, but I tend to view any Lemania 2310-based watch as a movement wearing a watch. Let me elaborate. Usually, I evaluate a watch at its ability to accomplish its given purpose. I then assess how well a manufacture’s design of movement suits that task. But where the Lemania 2310 is concerned, I see things inside-out. Such a legendary movement tends to dominate the experience. However, 90s Breguet Guilloché and rose gold combine in this 3230 to command equal levels of attention.


If you’re sort of casually aware of Breguet, let me make a small educational aside. The name of this site, The Hairspring, well, I have Breguet to thank for that. Abraham Breguet invented the coiled hairspring and tourbillon. The brand has seen its fair share of acquisitions and troubled times since 1775, but it has always stuck close to its hardcore horological roots. This 3230 chronograph is from the recent Chaumet era, a return to high-end watchmaking. It was a part of an effort to fuse classic Breguet design with the best of modern movement design. Where else to look but the Lemania 2310? When combined with classic Breguet hands and engine-turned Guilloché, I find myself lusting. The 3230 is most commonly found in yellow gold, but this rare rose gold holds a lovely reddish lustre. It’s the one to opt for.


The watch was original sold in 1990 and has since seen little wear. The bezel shows light nicks, but nothing substantial. Its display back still holds clear engravings. the coin-edge case is proud and not polished. It comes with a certificate of origin and outer original box.

Find this 3230 here from A Collected Man for 18500 GBP.

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