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5850 Franck Müller Casablanca of Royal Original


Every so often I find myself lamenting the fact that watches cannot speak. On rare occasion, the story a watch would be able to tell is enough to merit what the snobs call horological ‘significance’. Franck Müller, in the 1980s, was innovating. Truly. Having created multiple complicated calibres on his own through the decade, Müller began to own the tonneau-case space. The 90s were the decade of conspicuous consumption and Mr Müller very smartly used it to fuel a sensational rise. Style-forward tonneau watchmaking came into its own in the early 90s, where the Casablanca was exalted as a Cartier Pasha’s alternative and ultimately more playful cousin after an SIHH debut. This is all to say: the Casablanca was truly the rage in 1994. However, in truth, that has nothing to do with why you should consider this watch.


This particular Casablanca hails from the early 2000s, where it was very specifically created for the Kuwaiti royal family. For reasons of discretion, I am not at liberty to disclose how or why it has surfaced for sale. All I can say is that its case back is not standard and that there is paperwork to substantiate this history. It is a story that started many borders away, involves diplomatic relationships, and ends today in the UK. Despite having traveled over continents with its previous owner, the watch is completely unworn. It comes with its box and papers, the story will be made known to its next own. And the watch isn’t even conspicuously consumptive by today’s values.

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