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49002 Vacheron Constantin Les Historiques Chronograph in PT


Obscured, understated, and extremely rare, the 49002 was released toward the start of VC’s Les Historiques range. Much like Cartier’s CPCP or even Zenith’s Revival line, the collection aimed to revisit the best of their immense past with exceptional modern watchmaking technique. So why has no one heard of the 49002? Well, just 700 examples were produced in gold and 130 examples in platinum as shown here. This particular example sports a white enamel dial for which numbers are unknown but even fewer.


Drawing inspiration from both the 4072 and 6026, Vacheron’s watchmakers and designers stayed true to form. The watch features a gorgeous 35mm case, automatic calibre 1136 (based on the Frederique Piguet 1185), and incredible pearl-like enamel dial. The shape of the lugs very closely mirrors the 4072 although the pushers are slightly oversized by comparison. The overall impression is true to vintage form, which was the point of the collection. The Les Historiques range has received numerous awards since inception and I dare say it is now so broad that a few early beauties such as this chronograph escaped the memory of most collectors. That’s a shame, because this is undoubtedly VC at their very best.


The platinum case on this example shows little to no visible wear. Its dial is perfect. There is not much for me to comment on for condition here; it’s lovely. The chronograph comes with a full set from a well-regarded retailer.

Find this 49002 here from The Keystone for 25000 USD.

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