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2-Liner ‘Commando Hubert’ Prototype Tudor Pelagos FXD


This is, without question, one of the rarest and most shrouded Tudors produced of recent years. And yet, it has received so little attention, partly because it looks so damn similar to its four line regular production counterpart and partly because so little is known. In 2021, Tudor announced a renewed partnership with the Marine Nationale and the Pelagos FXD. However, prior to this announcement, images were circulating on Instagram of an FXD which were taken at a Marine Nationale ceremony. These images showed an FXD with two lines (rather than the regular four), and M.N.21 engraving with an unknown number below.


Upon announcement, most forgot that these early images showed a slightly different dial and engraving. As it turns out, the distinction was quite significant. Much like the RaSP Black Bay, the 2-line dial Pelagos FXD was made available to order in tiny numbers only to current members of the Commando Hubert—the French Navy’s most elite combat swimmer SOF unit, an equivalent of the US Navy’s SEAL Team 6 or the British SBS. While the dial is only altered slightly, the significance is immense. This is an FXD which has been used for the exact purpose is was intended.


Given the timeline of information leaks we have observed, many speculate that these 2-liners were used ahead of release as development prototypes for the standard FXD; this remains unknown. Though blurred for obvious security reasons here, this caseback also includes an engraving of the Commando Hubert’s diver number. Finally, these also came with a special strap which could be connected to a rope mean to link divers together. These are so rare that, at first, many questioned authenticity. Since, we have seen fewer than five come to market. In that time, scholarship and questioning has confirmed that these are a legitimate Tudor article, just one that was never made available to public or indeed publicized. Should you decide to purchase this one, included is a brief text copy describing a mission on which this very watch accompanied a combat swimmer. History is always being made.


This example has a lightly worn case with all markings it should. Its straps are correct for the 2-liner and it has its full set. It comes from a small, well-rated French retailer on Chrono.

Find this Command Hubert Pelagos FXD here on Chrono24 for 43800 EUR.

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