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1 of 100: A. Lange & Söhne Triple Split


A traditional double rattrapante is a notoriously difficult complication to engineer, assemble, and service. In 2004, Lange introduced a double split that was for many years a king of the genre. Lange are famous for machining and assembling an entire movement only to fully disassemble, check for wear, and finally re-assemble a completed caliber. Most watchmakers tap out at even creating their own rattrapante. Imagine making one Lange’s way. However, that wasn’t enough. Remember the over-achieving student who would not only do the extra-credit but then make their own problems to solve? That’s Lange right now. They’re already ahead and decided to challenge themselves anyway. That’s why the triple split set media alight in 2018—giving me a new personal grail.


Triple Splits have only just began to trickle into the secondary market in single digits. Much like flagship McLaren and Bugatti, you had to be a friend (synonym for repeat customer) of Lange to buy at initial release. And, like the automotive analogies, secondary market pieces are often valued significantly higher than the initial retail. Such is the modern way with luxury items where demand outpaces production. I get a little nauseous when I see it happen with a basic Submariner. But somehow it feels completely deserved with something like the Triple Split.

Find this Triple Split here from retailer K2 Luxury for an undisclosed sum.

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