Fat Font Rolex 1016 Explorer I

I know it wasn’t first on top of Everest and I know shouldn’t really consider paying double for a slightly altered dial. Yet, here I am. Ten small years into this hobby and the #rolexero have me convinced that this is a gorgeous practical daily that I must own one day. The force is strong with this one. The 1016 is possibly the most classic dial to have ever been design. The model here is 55 years old and yet looks just as modern as the Black Bay 36, if not better.


Our collective Western individuality complex demands we have something marginally more interesting than our horological neighbor. That’s where the fat font comes into its own. The dial is known colloquially as the frog foot variation for the way the coronet points splay out from a raised center. The 3-6-9 plots are just ever-so-slightly more bolded than a traditional dial. That small change is really only noticeable if you know the 1016 well. Once you grow used to it, the standard dial looks a bit blasé by comparison.

The rest of this watch is decent to strong. The case is losing a slight bit of shape to polish but could be far worse. Its surface shows honest marks of frequently worn and loved example. The bracelet and end links are correct. Importantly, the dial is exceptionally strong. Handset is matched. Hands have been professionally restored to match the dial. It’s not an example for Phillips, but it’s still a lovely watch. One which I feel calling to me loudly in the future.

Find this Fat Font 1016 here from Craft & Tailored for 24550 USD.