Cartier Tank Cintrée 100th Anniversary

Last week, I had to buy a new desk chair. This is a thrilling start, I know. But in the modern age that proved to be mind-bogglingly complex task. There were chairs that looked like they should be on the starship Enterprise or chairs that looked like they should be in a Victorian interrogation cell. There were chairs rated for 1-2 hours of ‘seat time’, what we call an Italian workday, or chairs rated for 10-12 hours. Over 12 hours not moving? That’s not called a work shift that’s called paraplegia.


Ultimately, I wound up going for something called the Aeron. That, as far as I could work out, was designed to be most comfy and had been successful in the market for the greatest chunk of time. To my small ability to reason, that must mean people like it. Because if it wasn’t comfortable or wasn’t good at being a chair, it wouldn’t have dominated share since 1994. All of which brings me to Cartier. The Tank Cintrée celebrated its 100th Anniversary in 2021. That puts the Aeron to shame. But it’s been successful for the same reasons. One does not do something for 100 years if it is not providing significant value.


The Cintrée was the first watch to be designed for a wrist, truly. There were wristwatches before, but this was the first case to be designed in such a way that it wrapped around a wrist (Cintrée means curved). This is a an ergonomic watch that’s comfortable and it’s damn good at being a watch. Nothing more. But that rock-solid foundation has seen it to 100 years of success, that’s worth celebrating. So Cartier did, in a 150 example celebration with vintage nods like patina-evoking eggshell dial, Breguet hands, and elongated cabochon crown. I promise you, this curved rectangle is sublime to feel and look at on wrist. Much in the same way this chair I’m writing from is looking after my backside. If only the solutions to all of life’s problems were solvable with such elegant simplicity.

This one is said to be unworn, which it isn’t, because there’s a picture of someone wearing it in the ad. That’s a personal gripe. But it is in unworn condition, which is very close to the same thing. It’s a great looking case with no visible wear. Everything original is included. It comes from a well-regarded London retailer.

Find this 100th Anniversary Tank Cintrée here from Watches London for 42500 GBP.