Audemars Piguet 25643 Sun-Ray Tourbillon Automatique

Something very interesting was posted to AVW this morning. That is not to say their inventory is not interesting, there is almost always something very appetizing for a horological nerd whenever I check in. Perhaps one for the more eclectic among you, this ‘sun-ray’ dialed AP is the first self-wound tourbillon. A wild and original design, the feat is made more impressive by its incredibly petite proportion. One has to applaud AP for never shying away from a good challenge.

This 25643, produced in 1986, is still be one of the most understated, artful, and thin of all automatic tourbillons today. The crown was placed on the case back for symmetry and the piece utilized a hammer wind system (visible at 6 on the dial). There is also no bottom plate, the traditional set for gear-train jewel pivots. Instead, the gear-train jewels are set in the case back. This is highly unusual and attractive, Phillips. Not the Barrichello Offshore. Take note.


The piece comes from a highly rated seller in fantastic condition. Its 18k yellow-gold 28.5×32.5mm case shows only light surface wear. The numbered case back confirms a careful previous owner. It comes with a original buckle, certificate of origin, and original booklets. Amsterdam Vintage Watches are among the best in retail at the moment and have consistently great feedback circling them.

Find this 25643 here from Amsterdam Vintage Watches for 29000 EUR.