An MB&F LM1 PT Legacy Machine

The madness at MB&F had to peak somewhere. From 2005 until 2011 we as horology fanatics were treated to an ever-increasing series of ambitiously outrageous designs. In my estimation, this is the near-apex. The LM1 featured a flying central balance, one-off vertical power reserve, and two completely independent time zones. Max Büsser, Jean-François Mojon, and Kari Voutilainen were all recruited for the monumental effort. This is watchmaking on cocaine without a hint of remorse.

Legacy Machines are a creative category of horological machines created at MB&F from a thought experiment. Mr. Büsser asked himself what he would be creating if he had been born in the 19th century. The results are a series of watches featuring the hallmarks of classic Swiss watchmacking, reimagined. This is a modern watch inspired from classical ideals. Vintage madness, modern manufacturing. The LM1, the first of this breed, has been a monumental success. In its production, a near eight years, there have been multiple limited editions. My favorite of the breed is this platinum LE example. For one reason and one alone: that aquamarine bent-radial finish on its dial. Nothing competes for me.

The incredible movement is also surprisingly practical. It features two time zones, a power reserve indicator, and 45 hours of reserve. It is manually-wound, like a proper dress piece. It is also surprisingly thin if you ever get the privilege to view one in person. I always thought it would be a sort of bulbous deep-sea monster of a crystal dome. It isn’t. For a completely different approach to the balance layout, it’s surprisingly subtle. This limited edition is 33 piece run with no further units being made. It comes with full set from a very well-established retailer.

Find this LM1 PT here from K2 for 75000 USD.