Albino Enicar ‘Big Eye’

Allow me to begin by saying I am not an expert in all things, or indeed most things. I am particularly aware of my shortcomings particularly where Enicar is concerned. I have a deep craving for Enicar scholarship and this Big Eye is provoking it. Sure, I know the EPSA cases, the wild dial configurations, and I long for a Jim Clark. One of the lesser studied, lesser discussed models is the Big Eye. It is a chronograph distinguished by its oversized sub, much like the storied Universal equivalent. It is similarly substantially less common than your Sherpa Graphs and Superdives. I’ve known about the Enicar Big Eye for some time but haven’t had the chance to cover one. Recently, I was privileged to be made aware of this gorgeous albino example by a reader.


However, I can’t find another like it. As far as I was aware, Enicar Big Eyes came in 70s cushion cases that were either of a polished or brushed variety. I have never seen one cased as this 36mm straight-lugged example is. Either we’re treading new ground or have some explaining to do. Perhaps @vandervenus can enlighten me further, I do love a chance to learn. If anyone is capable, it would be him. Whatever the case, this dial is exceptionally handsome. The aged white is clear and contrasted by grey subs, with its big eye accented in orange divisions. This dial was originally made for racing drivers to be able to more easily view elapsed laps times. Dials were either the rarer albino variant shown here or a common blue and orange. Baton handsets are lifted from Mk II Sherpa Jet styles. It is powered by the venerable Valjoux 234, a high-beating, column wheel, hand-wound chronograph. Whatever the curious case investigation unveils, the what it houses is a stunning bit of vintage metal.

The dial on this example is particularly lovely. There are oversized tritium plots everywhere, faded to a light cream that is echoed in its handset. The seller has made an excellent strap selection, accenting the touches of orange found on the dial. It comes from a well regarded retailer, no known service history.

Find this Albino Big Eye here from Romain Rea for 11800 EUR.