A Bizarre Value Proposition: Urwerk 105 TA

If Bruce Wayne wears a ‘Batman’ GMT-Master II (with Nolan, in fact, he wore a Reverso), the actual Batman suit would include this Urwerk. Urwerk’s engineered approach to watchmaking lends such a unique aesthetic that it almost seems like it belongs on the pages of a comic book. Completely disregarding all common rules of classical watch design, this 105 TA is a standout in every sense of the word. Perhaps MB&F can rank comparably in creativity, but in a much more discreet way. Excluding Max B., Urwerk are in a class of one.

This UR-105 is a satellite time indication, one of the house’s more novel displays. The hours wander on a large carousel with four satellites. Each smaller satellite has three indicated hours, which slowly rotate through the minute track to read the time. That is all very easy to write and understand, but unimaginably difficult to engineer. For an exploded piece-by-piece walkthrough, their website is exceptional. If you’re an engineering nut, please do yourself a favor and scroll down to point 3 here. I’m not even going to comment on the Turbine Automatic system designed to optimally regulate the mainspring. Go enjoy learning about that yourself.


If you like diving into bizzare and unique engineering solutions, this is your watch (or if you dress in cosplay/techwear daily). In all sincerity, you’d have to love the avant-garde to wear this casually. But yesterday I saw a man in a gold Huracan Evo with white Oakleys and no one seemed alarmed so perhaps I’m out of touch.


What’s more, I’d like to make a stab at describing this piece as a value. At an initial MRSP of 107K and change, it was one of those independents you were glad existed but knew you’d never touch. The market has not supported resale as well as some. Depreciation is a funny thing. At an ask of 46K—that’s over half off—the dynamics change. It’s kind of on-the-edge of being in reach. Granted, it’s an outrageous sum of money for a wristwatch. But it is not an outrageous sum for this wristwatch. It is in fact, a bargain for this level of design and engineering. It isn’t even knackered. Clean up or buy it a new leather strap and you’re set.

It comes with a full set from a known quantity in Adam from @belmont_watches. It’s still far out of my reach at the moment, but perhaps not yours. In more expensive shoes, I’d give it strong consideration ahead of some more run-of-the-mill alternatives. Long live the madness of independents.

Find this UR-105 TA here from Belmont Watches for 46000 USD.