3311 IWC Quartz Yacht Club II

A circle within a stop-sign within an elongated hexagon, the Yacht Club II is an acquired taste. I’ve previously described it as Genta-designed (likely, actually no one seems to know for certain) and Germanically-gorgeous, but this one in particular will ruffle some feathers. This is the quartz Yacht Club II. I know, I know, hear me out; If you’re an architect, fashion designer, UI/UX developer, or anyone who pays attention to form for a living, this ref. 3311 is almost certainly the most intricately designed, historically significant value out there today.


The Yacht Club II was available both as an automatic and this buzzing electric crystal. The quartz models sold at premium and, as this was decidedly a luxury Swiss watch, most sales leaned in that direction in period. Yacht Club IIs, Polo Club SLs, and Golf Club SLs are being pulled up aggressively by the market as Ingenieurs are entering widespread watch enthusiast consciousness. But the quartz models haven’t seen the stratospheric rise yet. Sure, the IWC calibre 2250 is essentially an ETA 3303 and, well, a bit lackluster. But this Genta case design that can make an Oysterquartz look pedestrian on bracelet well under 5K? That’s worth noting, particularly as this market is only just starting to get hot.


Despite how cool the H-links on this bracelet are, it was an option. The Yacht Club II was actually intended to be sold on rubber. Its 34mm is the midsized option, here in steel. Like much of 80s IWC, scholarship on these pieces is quite scarce. They simply were not produced in large numbers and have only just re-entered collector zeitgeist. 90s, and by association 80s, IWC is on a steep uptick of interest. This is like buying an Oysterquartz or ref. 6005 Royal Oak 10 years ago; you’re on your own, but that’s where all the fun is.


This example has a great, full case. It’s seen a polished but not egregious. The dial is rhodium gray, perfectly monochromatic with the tone of steel. It comes from a well-regarded German retailer.

Find this 3311 here from Watchurbia for 3400 EUR.