2547S Heuer Carrera 12 Dato

The study of Heuer’s complete history is a lifetime’s discipline. Just ask Jeff Stein. However, even a casual interest in Heuer has the ability to reveal surprising niches. The Carrera is something of friend to this site, whether in motorsport or minimalist attire. One lesser discussed Carrera family member is the 2547 Dato, a reference which feels just a foreign as it does familiar.

The addition of a triple calendar has the effect of raising the Carrera’s level of formality ever so slightly. One doesn’t associate the motorsport monolith with complication, nonetheless they’ve pulled the trick off with grace in this dial. Its outer calendar track is blued, just as is the seconds hands. The moon-shaped pointed hand is finished in red for maximum contrast. If the Carrera was borne to declutter chronographs, the Dato reverses that trend in full. It is powered by a manual Valjoux 72C with a second generation Carrera case that features lugs with none of the bevels or extra length we’re used to seeing. It is also slightly more svelte at 36mm.

This example is not perfect but presents honestly. The dial has a mark under Heuer and the tritium is beginning to degrade. Its case may have seen a light polish on flanks but still has a full case to my eye. It comes from a private collector without papers.

Find this 2547S Carrera here on Chrono24 for 14875 USD.