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Tiffany-Signed 16800 Rolex Submariner


Yeah, alright, I’m a complete sucker for a simple Tiffany stamp. I like the distinctly American provenance and personal story it tells. Although the same could be said of any other retailer signature, I think the majority of collectors would categorize Tiffany as among the (or thee) most desirable. The public may most closely associate Tiffany with little blue boxes containing diamonds. Watch people associate Tiffany with old Subs, vintage Patek, and even the odd Omega. In other words, they signed all the stuff dear to our hearts. However, the offering today is a bit more new money than Tiffany fanatics may be used to.


The 16800 is a sweet spot for date-window Submariner. Most know it as a transitional reference. It maintains the gorgeous matte dial and painted indices but changes out plexi for sapphire. The result is a very usable and robust watch with the aesthetics of something a bit more romantic. Yes, the dials were still tritium. It also introduced the quick-set date to the Sub for the first time. This is a usable, charming, and downright impossible-to-find combination of vintage Rolex goodness.


This example sports a strong case with chamfers still visible on a period correct Rolex bracelet, though no mention is made of originality. None of this matters however. People who buy this watch will care about the dial and it is excellent. The handset is degraded toward it center in small areas. I wouldn’t let that concern you too much although I would try to find a way from stopping tritium from getting in the calibre 3035. It comes as a naked watch from a respected patina-loving retailer.

Find this Tiffany 16800 here from Theo & Harris for 55000 USD.

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