Mk1 7763C Heuer Autavia


Cutting edge technology looked a little different in 1968. When Piquerez debuted the EPSA case circa 1960, it was a true step function change in water resistance. Heuer took that same tech on board in their all-purpose chronograph, the Autavia. Following the 2446C, this second generation Autavia debuted the Valjoux 7730 in place of the…

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Lip Genève Reverse Panda ‘Carrera’ Chronograph


Everyone loves an unfussy, two-register, 1960s Carrera analog. Everyone. We find them from Leonidas, Zodiac, Clebar, and even Sears (yes, that Sears). Lip, the quirky and often flamboyant French manufacture, used to make some more reserved designs. Among them: this somewhat classic two-register reverse panda. The simple design was available in a 36mm steel case…

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Lip Genève Valjoux 7730 Diving Chronograph


A watch need be nothing more than a simple delight to win my love. Sure technical sophistication and precious metals are great, but occasionally pure charm is more than enough. Once-large French watchmaker Lip are probably most famed for their very colorful chronographs, shouty divers, or double-signed Breitlings. The brand was intended to slot just…

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Silvered-Panda Breitling Top Time Ref. 2006


The Breitling brand has undergone a massive course correction in recent years. The Breitling for Bentley 50mm pieces are out and more classic staples are slowly returning. This is one of many shifts Breitling have made over the years. Despite a hopeful future, my tastes lie in somewhere in the late 60s to early 80s.…

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