D-Series 25721ST ‘The Beast’ Audemars Piguet Offshore


Often, that which was once violently unpopular has way of eventually coming back to grace with equal fervor: consider Eames chairs, the 993 911, high-waisted shorts, and even Ja Rule (okay, perhaps not that last one just yet). The Royal Oak chronograph’s versatile and anabolic sibling has long taken back seat since introduction in the…

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John Mayer’s Actual AP Royal Oak Offshore ‘Volcano’


If you’ve been paying close attention, legendary horological leader and all around good-guy Eric Wind has been slowly ramping up a public-facing inventory over the last few weeks. While undoubtedly one of the world’s preeminent watch dealers of the last decade, most of his sales have previously been amongst friends in the background. Recently, this…

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A Very Tropical Early Offshore 25721ST ‘The Beast’


The Royal Oak Offshore, nicknamed the Beast, is a grail to many. D-Series serial numbers designate this beast as one of the first 200 examples ever to have been produced. These very rare, very early production pieces had some unique processes in their dial production resulting in a highly varied patination. Although there are just…

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