Tropical 3800 Patek Philippe Nautilus


When one thinks tropical dials, the usual suspects are 1680 Sub, 2998 Speedmaster, or maybe even an 1163 GMT if you’re a bit alternative. 3800 Nautilus is not even in consideration, the most studied reader of John Reardon’s Collectability will struggle to readily imagine just what that might look like. At a glance, one may…

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3800/1J Yellow Gold Patek Philippe Nautilus


What ink remains to be spilled on behalf of the 3800 which has not been spilled already? I would suggest that the jar is on its side, hardened, and evaporated. Therefore, my work here is a bit redundant. However, I defy one to find a worn gold-on-gold 3800 this charming and not feel compelled to…

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Patek Philippe Nautilus 3800 in Yellow Gold


The 45 year-old Nautilus has never looked better. Genta, in his Nautilus and Royal Oak designs, defined a half-century of wristwear. It would not be hyperbole to declare the Nautilus in amongst the top three most important designs of the last century. This reference 3800 is a marginally more svelt 3700 at 37.5mm. That proportion…

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An Elusive ‘3 Red Dot’ Patek Philippe 3712


You likely know Gerald Genta’s design and the Nautilus story—sketched over dinner on a napkin whilst staring at a yacht. The iconic porthole case was born later that year and, despite pricing above the Royal Oak, to immediate success. Then Hublot bought some tracing paper. What happened to the Nautilus 3700 after its initial success,…

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