‘Hong Kong 10th Anniversary’ FP Journe Centigraphe Souverain


FP Journe knows how to celebrate a boutique opening. Remember the Byblos? This is Centigraphe equivalent, 1 of 20 made to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Hong Kong boutique. The Centigraphe is FP Journe’s approach to the chronograph complication, and while he’s most well-known for for constant force tourbillons or resonance, the Centigraphe speaks…

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1 of 75 ‘Japan 100 Years’ Vacheron Constantin Traditionelle


How do you celebrate a 100 year anniversary of Vacheron Constantin’s presence in Japan? With a 75-example run of beautifully hand guillochéd Traditionelles, obviously. No, I don’t understand why the run wasn’t 100 examples either. Nevertheless, the rest of this effort VC simply nailed. The Japan 100 Years Traditionelle’s pièce de résistance is its radial…

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Value Proposition: Speake-Marin One & Two Openworked Ti


Veteran watchmakers don’t come more likable than Peter Speake-Marin. The manufacture bearing his name has created wild flying tourbillons, highly finished ETAs, technotime mods, and everything in-between. What makes this independent special is the highly-specialized design and proportion. The Piccadilly case with its three-piece design and stout lugs are instantly recognizable to those who know…

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Value Proposition: Tissot Janeiro Z199 LE Chronograph


My recent pet fascination has been neo-vintage—particularly limited—pre-instagram watches. You may recall seeing the Septantieme, SSASS Alpinist, or early steel Franck Muller recently. I may need to create a category here. The deeper I dive, the more vast this space seems to become. While searching out a strong vintage Tissot 33.3 recently, I stumbled upon…

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Vacheron Constantin 47245 Patrimony Retrograde ‘247’ LE


In my view, a 247th anniversary celebration should not be the rager. 250th deserves the splash. And while Vacheron Constantin’s 2005 Esprit des Cabinotiers (the golden clock-egg) was incredibly impressive, I like unique wristwatches. For reasons I cannot surmise, in 2002, Vacheron arrived a few years early with this incredible Patrimony retrograde. Who among us…

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1 of 50 Early Franck Muller Steel Chronograph


This classic chronograph was among the first pieces released by Franck Muller after stepping out in 1991 to create his own house. Mr. Muller grew up in Switzerland and went to become a watchmaker at just fifteen. After working at an auction house, he became one of the world’s preeminent watch restorers. He oversaw Patek…

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A Singer Reimagined Track1 Hong Kong


I for one loathe all automaker to watchmaker analogies. As a keen enthusiast of each sphere, they are never right. Rolex is not like Porsche. Patek is not like Buggati and certainly not Rolls-Royce. Everything is too loosely connected to be useful, it’s always a vast over simplification. That said, I don’t think Singer Reimagined…

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