Ghost ‘Havana’ Dial 1802 Rolex Day-Date


The interest of Day-Date collecting lies in nuance. All Day-Dates share a similar proportion, functionality, and design. But the details can vary so wildly as to leave a completely different impression: lapis dials, gem setting, retailer signatures, claw indices, or Florentine finishing are all so distinct that they may as well be different models. You’re…

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Ghost Dial, Bark Finish 18078 Rolex Day-Date

Ghost dials are the ultimate form of discretion through patina. Something about the philosophy of wearing a Rolex which doesn’t say Rolex anywhere (or only just) is very enticing. I’ve previously likened the effect to de-badging a luxury German sportscar, which is surprisingly common over there. But, given more thought (and drink), I think it’s…

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Ghost Dial 1601 Rolex Datejust

The 1601 Datejust is precisely what someone who doesn’t know watches imagines when you say ‘a nice watch’. This is one unit of Rolex, in exactly the same way that you would purchase one foot of fabric for curtains (or one meter for our more cultured friends, we know we’re backwards). Some may think that…

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