A Very Pumpkin 1655 Explorer II ‘Freccione’ Mark 1


Halloween is coming in August this year, or so this 1655 would have one believe. The 1655 Explorer II is undoubtedly a grail sport Rolex for many and could be a real contender for my personal perfect one tool watch (I don’t frequent the Mariana Trench often, before you object). Initially designed for spelunkers, the…

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1655 Rolex Explorer II ‘Freccione’ Mark 5


They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but with this 1655 Freccione (Italian for arrow, or orange-hand today), I’m beginning to think beauty is better defined by the eye of the market. In the last five years 1655 values have been steadily trending upward at an increasing rate . . .and for…

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