‘Thunderbird’ 6609 Rolex Datejust


If you love a good mystery thriller with countless loose ends, this your kind of Datejust. No one knows precisely how the Turn-O-Graph bezel wound up on the wrists of the USAF Demonstration Squadron, better known as the Thunderbirds. Lore holds that one pilot previously bought one for himself on his wedding, and, after discovering…

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‘State of Qatar’ 16014 Rolex Datejust

Trigger warning here, I’m about to assault an icon. I’ve always found the name Datejust a bit hilariously apologetic. It’s as if Hans himself went, ‘Well, we can do a Day-Date, but this one is just a date, sincerest apologies.’ Make no mistake, any DJ is an excellent watch. But this one has less to…

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Ghost Dial 1601 Rolex Datejust

The 1601 Datejust is precisely what someone who doesn’t know watches imagines when you say ‘a nice watch’. This is one unit of Rolex, in exactly the same way that you would purchase one foot of fabric for curtains (or one meter for our more cultured friends, we know we’re backwards). Some may think that…

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A Very Unique Rolex 1611 Datejust Khanjar


In today’s collector climate, where Rolex buyers obsess over the slightest font alignment of a rail dial, it’s refreshing to find an authentically unique dial. An authentically unique piece, at that. Khanjar or Omani Rolex are their own market with a dedicated following. In recent years, they’ve become more highly sought after. This could be…

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Perfectly Wild Aging: Gilt Rolex 6605 Datejust

Rolex 6605 Gilt

There is good reason for collectors to favor gilt Rolex in some circumstances. There is also no need to explain the appeal of the Datejust design. When you combine these two descriptors and apply them to a 6605 that has clearly seen some life, the result is simply incredible. This piece comes from Dutch seller…

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