3705 IWC Ceramic Flieger


The 3705 is a pilot’s watch, yes, but for TIE Fighter pilots. Remember that scene in A New Hope where Vader had his own TIE Fighter? This would’ve been the perfect watch for a space dogfight on Vader’s wrist. The 3705 isn’t just a ceramic flieger, it’s the first ever production watch case made entirely…

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A Well-Preserved IWC 3705


Yeah, alright, this is probably my pick amongst all the modern IWC lot. I know it’s simple. I know it’s humble. I know I’ve featured it before. But with IWC’s recent reissue and collectors becoming increasingly accepting of ceramics, I thought it fit to revisit just what makes the 3705 so charming. Because there’s a…

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Bulgari Octo Finissimo Tadao Ando Ceramic LE


In an industry dominated by vintage romanticism, it is a breath of fresh air to see a design unashamedly focussed on the future with a laser-like precision. Watches and Wonders brought many new and attractive designs to the market, but perhaps none appealed so strongly to me as this: the Tadao Ando Ceramic Octo (otherwise…

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A Singer Reimagined Track1 Hong Kong


I for one loathe all automaker to watchmaker analogies. As a keen enthusiast of each sphere, they are never right. Rolex is not like Porsche. Patek is not like Buggati and certainly not Rolls-Royce. Everything is too loosely connected to be useful, it’s always a vast over simplification. That said, I don’t think Singer Reimagined…

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IWC Ceramic Fliegerchronograph


I’ve already written at length about the 3705 when we sold one in 2018. Even then, the 3705 was a highly coveted and rare reference. Today, it’s the same only more. I can’t add anything to the previous article’s story, except that this IWC only looks better every time I see it. Both the 3705…

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