‘Digital’ Breitling 765 AVI


If you want to keep people guessing, a Rolex ghost dial is a great start. But if you want to take anonymity to its ultimate extent, who would have guessed Breitling would outdo themselves? Far from the garish oversized Breitling for Bentleys of the early 2000s, this is an aviators chronograph that represents the polar…

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Breitling 765 ‘Raquel Welch’ Co-Pilot


If you happen upon any chronograph with a fifteen minute subdial, chances are it was made for aviation. The quarter-hour interval is a frequently used period for both pre-flight checks and warm-up procedures. What I’m saying is fifteen minute subdial equals aviation tool watch. Here it’s so prominent Breitling even lumed it with five-spoked tritium…

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Lip-Signed Breitling 765 Co-Pilot


For a stretch of four months two years ago, I searched every single night for a 765 Co-Pilot. In time, I found just one. In the somewhat mad market conditions we have now, there are three currently on offer. I wrote about the first great example I came across recently a few weeks back. If…

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A Stunning Breitling 765 ‘Raquel Welch’ Co-Pilot


We all have to occasionally lament the one that got away. No, I don’t mean significant others from years gone by. I mean vintage Breitlings. Three years ago I sold a 765 AVI and have regretted it every day since. I’ve easily forgotten Subs, Speedmasters, and even a Saxonia. But somehow this long forgetten gem…

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