7159/0 Tudor Monte Carlo


There are surprisingly few watches which will get you ‘the nod’ from knowledgable collectors. Often, all a watch says about its wearer is ‘I have money.’ More interesting, to me, is a watch which says about its wearer ‘I have painstakingly studied this subject and/or developed a personal taste within it.’ The 7159/0, one of…

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Tudor 7159/0 Monte Carlo


I recently featured a slightly rougher around the edges 7159 at a reasonable ask and called it the quintessential summer watch. It’s still out there. Today I’m sharing with you the opposite. This is the kind of Monte Carlo you wear carefully, because its dial still clearly resembles the roulette table from which it gets…

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Tudor 7159 Monte Carlo: the Quintessential Summer Watch


Posted recently on S. Song’s page for a seriously reasonable sum, this 1974 second generation Monte Carlo is a legend of design. Tudor have been of interest to collectors in a big way for the last three decades now and one glimpse at a piece like this proves why. The extremely distinctive dial, markers, and…

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