4-Line Dial, PCG 5512 Rolex Submariner


In vintage, there are two different types of people. Some like tropical dials, cases that were used until not a millimeter is left unscathed, watches with stories. Others want a museum example, something that is true and original, but looks like it was left in your grandfather’s drawer (as is often the tale). This is…

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Tropical, ‘Tulip’ 4-Line Dial 5512 Rolex Submariner


Unless you’ve spent your entire life studying vintage Rolex, you probably won’t have heard of a tulip dial. Even if you have, you probably won’t have seen one with four lines. Yes, we’re back in the realm of obscure Wilsdorf details again, but this one is even more anorak than most. Have you ever looked…

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Explorer Dial 5512 Rolex Submariner


The Submariner is, today, a uniform mass market product. Mass as Rolex’s production today is about equal to the entirety of the rest of Switzerland, combined. And uniform because not one will age, or very minimally. Every single 124060 looks precisely the same, down to the tiny serifs on the repeat Rolex engraved on its…

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Square Crown Guard Rolex 5512


One may spend an entire lifetime learning about vintage Rolex. The variation is of infinite depth. The very earliest Submariners, big crown and small, lacked crown guards. We will all be familiar with that fact, courtesy of Sean Connery. However, when crown guards made debut on the Submariner, Rolex being Rolex, they evolved. Collectors will…

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Rolex 5512 PCG Milsub


If a watch could speak, some of them would have lived rather mundane lives. This one would have stories to tell. The 5512 with pointed crown guards is a very rare milsub variant. Produced in two runs between 1960 and 1961, the total run is an estimated thirty examples. All were supplied to the British…

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Wabi-Sabi Gilt 5512 Submariner


I think what appeals to me so strongly in a tropical watch is that it’s a massive middle finger to the idea of putting a watch in a safe and waiting for appreciation. I like watches to be used as intended—embracing the effects as a consequence of a life well spent (this is also why…

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