42052J Vacheron Constantin Overseas


There are days where you just want an F-off brick of integrated gold on wrist. When those times arrive, it is hard to say F-off more tastefully than with a first generation Overseas. By the 90s, Switzerland’s renaissance of mechanical watchmaking was fully embraced at VC. Shortly after being acquired by Vendome (now Richemont), VC…

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Black 42052 Vacheron Constantin Overseas


There is a particular friction I feel when I see 3700 Nautilus regularly trading hands above 200K. You see, I am a firm believer that one should purchase only what speaks to their soul. Rational watch purchasing is no way to live. Furthermore, I understand the appeal of the Nautilus line. History’s most storied watchmaker…

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Salmon Vacheron Constantin 42052 Overseas

The appeal of neo-vintage, to my sensibilities, is self-explanatory. Mechanics are modern enough to not give concern and yet the design is something entirely apart from both modern and properly vintage pieces. Tritium was still in use. Proportions were still slight back then. Not all things from 90s and early 2000s have aged extremely well.…

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