3211 IWC Yacht Club II Jumbo Automatic in Yellow Gold

If you’d hopped in a Delorean and accidentally found yourself in 1970s Geneva, you’d struggle to find a Aquanaut. Shop all you like, there were very, very few options for luxury sports watches designed to be worn on rubber. The Yacht Club II is the first watch I’m aware of which took the Royal Oak…

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3211 IWC Yacht Club II Jumbo Automatic


Genta-designed (likely, actually no one seems to know for certain) and Germanically-gorgeous, IWC’s Yacht Club II was something of an acquired taste. Released to defend Schaffhausen’s grounds at the outset of the quartz crisis, the model was available as an octagonal automatic or buzzing electric crystal. The quartz models sold at premium and, as this…

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