2526 Patek Philippe Calatrava


This innocuous Calatrava might at first appear to be simply the most timeless design in the world, and it is, but it’s different to almost every other Patek Calatrava that came before or after. It’s the ref. 2526 and its dial is entirely enamel, unlike most Patek Philippe dials where it’s just the signature performed…

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Serpico Y Laino Dial 2526 Patek Philippe Calatrava


Enamel dials are a dying art. Only a handful of watchmakers still attempt the process and in Switzerland it’s just Donzé Cadrans who still specialize in enamel dials independent of any manufacture. But the white enamel dials of the ref. 2526 are quite unlike any other. They are far creamier in tone than any other…

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