Mk4 ‘Triple Six’ 16660 Rolex Sea-Dweller

There’s something inherently worthwhile about going absurdly above and beyond a required goal. Maniacal focus to the extent of vastly overachieving has a kind of merit all its own. It’s why Roger Federer didn’t just win Wimbledon once, it’s why the door of a Mercedes S-Class from the 80s shuts with a reassuring ‘thump’ even…

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Mk2, Matte 16660 Rolex Sea-Dweller


In many ways, the ‘triple six’ is the archetypal modern Sea-Dweller. While the 1665 is undoubtedly lore, a watch built to be invulnerable truly deserves sapphire in my eye. Moreover, it embraces the beastly proportions necessary to declare a 1220m depth rating. Early examples preserved much of the charm inherent to the 1665 with matte…

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Tiffany-Signed Triple Six Sea Dweller


Some collectors go gaga for haute complication. Others prefer a good tropical dial. But there’s an entire category of watch addicts who just like double-signed dials: Serpico, Beyer, Gubelin, and above all Tiffany. But not all Tiffany dials are created equally. Tiffany Sea Dwellers are substantially rarer than subs. Tiffany triple sixes (my preference of…

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