Tropical Dial ‘US 6th Fleet’ 105.003-65 Omega Speedmaster


The Speedmaster has no shortage of nuance. Its ardent supporters will not let you forget. But arguably, the clearest delineation in the pre-moon time, when this was just a chronograph aimed at racing, was its lugs. Straight lugs became lyre lugs directly after this, the 105.003 better known as the ‘Ed White’ for its time…

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Tropical Dial ‘Ed White’ 105.003-65 Omega Speedmaster


What is it about most modern Speedmasters that feels quite soulless? Is it the imitation of the vintage world which we so often praise? Or is it the Henry Ford circa 2090 production line that is capable of merely printing perfect watches ad infinitum? Or rather, is there not enough consideration to detail? Each is…

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