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Waffle-Dial Tudor Prince 7909


Unassuming, I think, is the adjective that best suits the Prince. Tudor’s ‘Oyster Perpetual’ began humbly in the 1950s but eventually went the distance, picked up by Arctic explorers before the explorer. Ever Rolex’s experimental sibling, even in the 1950s, Tudor utilized a range of dial and hand configurations inside the 34mm case. One of which was the waffle, sometimes called honeycomb, dial shown on this example.


The texturized dial and rose logo make for a truly understated dress piece, something just slightly more nuanced than say the smaller OP or vintage Air King. The lugs were designed to be especially robust and as a result the case proportions still look somewhat modern. And that’s not even to mention one of the great bracelets: an Indian jubilee band with correct end links (even if it is a bit stretched, it’s badass). This example has its original crown and a strong case. If I didn’t have Neanderthal’s wrist, I’d be all over this.


Find this Prince here for 5700 EUR.

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