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Value Proposition: 6246-9000 Grand Seiko


Grand Seiko’s first-ever automatic appeared in 1967 and today goes by the 62GS. For collectors, those four characters mean something special. The case was beautifully Japanese, with unnecessary facets on its graceful almost-lyre-like-lugs and an offset recessed crown at 4 meant to advertise the fact that one needn’t wind this. In steel and 36mm with a plexi crystal, I find it remarkable that these staples of the grammar of design are not yet more highly valued.


Despite being massively innovative, the 62GS was produced for just two years. One can distinguish whether theirs is a 1966 or 1967 production by the caseback. Early medallions featured a lion engraving whereas latter production shifted to a GS logo. This example hails from the early years. The 6246-9000 we see here is known as the Week-Dater, with a ‘Chronometer Seikomatic’ calibre 6246A that features an inline Day and Date. Eight iterations exist, four differing references in either gold cap or steel. Despite scholarship and immense historical merit, these are still trading hands in the low single thousands. That’s a good thing for everyone, but a particularly accessible point to real Japanese collecting for many.


This example has a relatively full case which has seen a polish or two but maintains shape well. The dial is overall well-preserved but has a minimally noticeable dent on its left hand extremity. Its caseback engraving is still deep. It comes recently serviced and running well from a well-regarded retailer.

Find this 6246-9000 here from Special Dial for ~1650 USD.

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