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Value Prop: Bulova 666 Super Compressor


Rarity is no guarantee of greatness and complication does not necessarily improve usability. To prove the opposing truth, I give you the humble EPSA Super Compressor Bulova 666ft. Bulova’s take on the generic Ervin Piquerez case design was characteristically purposeful. A simple dial, signed twin crowns, and engraved case back were all Bulova needed to create a no-fills diver. Inside, Bulova’s own utilitarian calibre 11ALC. Most diving watches from any recognizable manufacture of the late 60s/early 70s, including super compressors, have become quite dear in the last decade. This feature is meant to celebrate the value of one whose market is not yet absurd.


Many of these have water ingress or otherwise damaged dials. Finding one that has not been relumed excessively, polished, or messed about with is quite a tough ask. These watches were in the lower part of the market until just the last few years, meaning the care and attention required to preserve vintage charm wasn’t always observed. Nonetheless, this one has a strong case with a lovely dial. Tritium has fallen out in some sections, but is overall still even and well-preserved. The watch is said to be running well with inner bezel rotating freely.


Find this 666 Super Compressor here from S. Song for 2750 USD.

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