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Tudor 7965 Oyster Prince with Underline Dial


Rose dial Tudors are a soft spot for me, I admit. The history tethered to that logo in horology draws on one’s heartstrings. The early days of value-based watchmaking are something marvelous. Tudor’s Oyster-cased offering was used for the Greenland Expedition for just this reason: it was simple, unfussy, economical, and purposeful. This latter three-piece case offering made the value proposition strong by offering a still-thin automatic. It would be difficult today to find a more charming watch for less outlay.


The appeal of vintage Tudor collecting is broad. Not only are they huge value propositions, but there is depth and range to the lineup. Each model was offered in a staggering variety of dials, metals, and handsets. Knowledge of Tudor’s catalogue from that period is growing, but not complete. There are textured dials, gilt dials, tropicals dials, and many others. The majority (including this) were 34.5mm Oyster cases with 19mm lugs, but a few 35.5mm cases with 20mm lugs were used also. This 1963 is special for a few variations. First, features the text self-winding in the classic smile pattern. That production was less than a year. Secondly, that text is underlined. It is part of the earliest oyster automatic series, powered by a ETA 2461 rotor self-winding movement with 25 jewels and a 42h power reserve.


Apart from that production rarity, this 7965 is a standout for its condition. The soft acrylic crystal is barely marked. The case has likely seen a polish, but still presents enough lug for most. Its dial is just spectacular, one for the ages. The white backing has gone champagne in age. The tritium is still together in its dial/handset and its text is all visible clearly. It comes from a well-regarded retailer.

Find this Underline Oyster Prince here from Those Watch Guys for 2450 USD.

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