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Transitional Thin Case Doxa Sub 300T Professional


Although Doxa’s Sub 300 is not nearly as lauded by the market as Blancpain’s Fifty Fathoms or Rolex’s early Subs, it was a serious tool widely circulated in commercial and recreational diving in the late 1960s and just as crucial to the category. Doxa’s first-generation of dive offerings are affectionately known as ‘No-T’s. The models had a thinner case than their latter counterparts and have become highly collectible, with no ‘T’ after Sub 300 on the dial. However, lesser known, some very early 1967 and 1968 production Sub 300Ts used the rare thin case but with a latter T dial, known (by only the nerdiest Doxa collectors) as the transitional thin case Sub 300T.


This 1967 production Sub came immediately after the No-T, of which it is estimated 300 watches were produced. Far fewer survive today. For watches with thin cases and latter dials, no production estimate exists currently. These were the last Subs produced before Synchron purchase and the appearance of the Synchron logo above Doxa on dial. Moreover, this particular example sports the characteristic orange ‘professional’ dial, about as classically Doxa as it gets. The depth of nuance this diver presents is remarkable and made more charming by the fact that almost no one will recognize it as such.


The all-important case on this example is full with strong lines. There is a charming light to moderate level of surface wear across the extremities. Its dial has a few areas of minor wear, nothing egregious. The tritium is still all present and only thinning. It comes running in spec from a well-regarded Australian retailer.

Find this transitional thin case Doxa Sub 300T here from Watch Vault for 5200 AUD.

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