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Tiffany-Signed 6241 Steel Rolex Daytona


Serpico, Beyer, Gubelin, Bucherer, Cartier, and above all Tiffany: these are the words that, when combined with a manufacture signature, collectors lose their cool over. I personally tend to gravitate towards the more obscure double-signatures. By that, I don’t mean Dominos. I mean things like this VC 6194 signed by Cartier. However, there are now buzzwords in 6194 signed by Cartier. I’m clearly in this just for the money, so today I present a watch with all the trendy terms to turn google on. Quips aside, this is one seriously rare Daytona which deserves more than an Instagram swipe’s worth of attention.


The 6241 and its delicious black acrylic bezel is thee reference. Exotic dial or not, this is a halo model to vintage Rolex. It sports subtle pump pushers, a Valjoux 722, and an estimated production run around 3000 in all metals/dials. That limited supply—in combination with some black magic auctions from Phillips and Antiquorum—has seen eye-watering price rises over the last year (let alone last decade). The question you have to ask yourself with this Daytona is: subtle or iconic? The exotic dials seems to be selling for multiples over the base 6241. Blame Aurel Bacs and his salt & peppered charisma (or money laundering, seems popular). This more subtle Tiffany-signed 6241 is substantially rarer and less recognizable. This, I of course mean, to the non horologically-afflicted. For what it’s worth, my vote goes to the stealthier option.


When you reach a certain level of rarity, condition ceases to be everything. Nonetheless, let’s take a look. The dial is largely unblemished. Its case is sharp and largely unblemished. The lume on its minute hand is the only thing which appears to show some age. The bezel is lovely, no cracks or dings. Its movement shines with no signs of trouble. All that said, what you’re buying is a dial. One you won’t see again for awhile that is really rather lovely.

Find this Tiffany-signed 6241 here from Tempus in Padua, Italy for an undisclosed sum.

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