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Tiffany-Signed 16520 Zenith Daytona


It may seem only topical to feature a 16520 Zenith Daytona a few days after the Daytona-copy Zenith hit media, but I assure you this 16520 is above that noise. With its steel bezel, screw pushers, and running seconds at 9, there is no mistaking one for another. What’s more, you won’t even mistake this for a regular 16520. The standard four lines of text on the 16520 are bolstered by a fifth, retailer Tiffany. This turns the already-approaching-wall of text under the coronet into a full on novel. And I love it.


First thing to note here, there are risks in buying any Tiffany-signed Rolex. The second thing to note is that the seller, K2, is as trusted as they come. Moreover, it’s documented with a full original Tiffany set. Do your own diligence, I beg you. That said, this is an opportunity to get in on a truly rare piece with some reassurance. Tiffany-signed Zenith Daytonas usually only trade hands at Phillips, Sotheby’s, and Antiquorum. Examples are estimated in the low hundreds, with no known numbers confirmed.


If you are of the ability and persuasion to go double-signed Rolex, this is how you do it. The example itself appears simply perfect, I have nothing else to comment on it. I do need to make comment on where the Rolex market is. Now is the time to get in a 16520: I liken the current era to buying a 993 RS in the early 2000s. This is a piece loved by many, with strong provenance, and a nuanced example at that. It is just turning the corner in public perception from an aged-modern piece into a modern classic.

Find this Tiffany Zenith Daytona here from K2 Luxury for an undisclosed sum (likely north of 200K USD if recent auctions are to go by).

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