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The Collector’s Cosmograph: 6265 Daytona in Yellow Gold


It’s not hard to make the case for a gold Datyona. Some might call it predictable, even. Amongst vintage collectors, the Daytona has become such a theme that today it is its own genre. If you’re the kind of person willing to splash a hundred grand on a YG 6265, chances are this isn’t your only Daytona. It might not even be your only 6265. Therefore, I think one has to consider this 6265 not as a single Daytona for a varied collection, but a Cosmograph for Cosmograph collectors. In that light, this 6265 isn’t just a smart option-—it’s the logical one.


I’ve made the case previously for gold sports Rolex being undervalued, even at their current highs. The precious material has appeal all its own. You either are attracted to it or you aren’t. What I maybe haven’t made clear, however, is that 18K YG of this era has a lustre and sheen completely apart from modern alloys. I have seen vintage Rolex gold side by side modern Rolex gold and the difference is stark. Granted, this blend is going to be softer and more susceptible to scratches if not carefully worn. But that’s a tradeoff I’d happily take.


With material preferences aside, let’s examine the actual reference. The 6263/5 (plastic vs metal bezel) was produced from 1969 to 1988 with a wide variation in dials, hands, and materials. Variability can make collecting these somewhat tricky, but the risk is well worth the reward. What followed the 6263/5 was a ‘golden’ era of Rolex chronographs. This 6263/5 was the blueprint for the modern Daytona and the Paul Newman dials. If you’re entering vintage Daytona, this is the place to start: plexi crystal, screw-down pushers, riveted bracelet, and precious metal.


This example comes in an honest and original condition. The watch is not a safe queen, equally not abused. There are light markings across the case, bezel, bracelet, and clasp. Yet the shape is true—very lightly or not at all polished. Its dial is all original, checking out in every way I know to verify. The weathering is minimal, no spots or cracks to see. I don’t often see 6265s this well cared for, let alone in yellow gold. The valjoux 727 looks totally uncorroded, probably rarely opened. If you’ve been searching for a gold 6265, I can confidently give you a green light on this example. It comes from well-known and trusted seller

Find this gold 6265 here from Rarebirds for 118800 EUR.

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