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Rolex 6202 Turn-O-Graph


Have you ever wondered what the legendary Submariner would be like if stripped of all its water resistance? No? Me neither. But today I have the answer and the proposition is far more attractive than you might expect. See, in 1953, Rolex introduced a new feature known as the ‘time-recording-rim’. The innovative rotating bezel was a first for Rolex, though others (namely Blancpain) got there ahead. The 6202 Turn-O-Graph was released alongside the 6204 Submariner, intended to give the same functionality to the non-seafaring crowd.


Even the most hardened collectors frequently mistake the 6202 for a Submariner anyway. However, its obscurity and lack of sporting pretensions are a part of what make the 6202 great. That’s if you haven’t already fallen in love with the subtle and classic steel design. It retains Mercedes hands, a red triangle, gilt details, and an understated (compared to the sub’s 39) 36mm case. What’s not to love? In the modern sea of Cosmographs and Submariners, nuanced alternatives like the Veriflat, early Milgauss, early OP, Tru-Beat, and others are looking increasingly attractive.


The example sports a patina consistent with age throughout. The case is strong with a full lug profile. Its dial is lightly faded, with partial degradation of the script above Turn-O-Graph. Its lume has small areas of deterioration and a portion of the 6 is a little off in hue. I would anticipate a that this dial has seen a second application of lume but not in any way a poor execution. This was fairly standard practice up until very recently. The bezel is correct and strong with little markings. Its crystal has a prominent mark across the one marker. It comes from a small CA based retailer.

Find this 6202 available here from Long Beach Watch Club by DM for 22000 USD.

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