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Rolex 14000 Air King Domino’s Signed Dial


Somewhere inside the Venn diagram of horological significance, pop culture, and master-level trolling lies this: the very elusive Domino’s-signed Air-King. The standard Air-King is an oft-overlooked, undersized, and restrained bit of Rolex sports steel. The reference ran from 1989 to 1999. Inside that timeline, Domino’s was flying high. To commemorate the work of longstanding employees, monetary overachievers, and as a means of motivation, the pizza primacy commissioned a small run of signed Air-Kings. The watch is now quite sought after today by a very specific sort of collector.


This oddity appeals to a certain type of enthusiast who tends to be either a lover of American pizza or accumulator of all things Rolex and rare. This Air-King certainly fulfills each category. No one know exact production numbers, but only a handful of examples come to market every few years. Later-era Domino’s Air-Kings had only a stamped bracelet with removable steel patch, something much less enjoyable than this physical dial signature. I suspect that the current surge in demand for steel sport Rolex doesn’t extend to something this niche. If you want a Domino’s Air-King, you are a patron of the peculiar. I would be surprised if the eventual owner also kept a star dial 6062. But then little surprises me in this world anymore.


The condition of this example is strong. Its all-important dial is perfectly clear of problems. The same can be said of its tritium pips and hands. The case is unpolished and it comes on its original, Domino’s-stamped clasp. The watch comes with a full set from Schlanderer & Sons, retailer for all of these pizza-based oddities. It comes from a well-regarded retailer.

Find this Domino’s Air-King here from Watches of Knightsbridge for 14880 USD.

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